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Bridget walked with her friends. They haven't asked
about the Slender Man thing, which she kind of was happy that they didn't. She
couldn't help but think about why he didn't kill her. Jenna asked, "How was the
whole Slender thing? Did you see it?"

The question made her jump. She did see him but it's
not like she had proof. Wait! I don't have proof! She answered, "No I
actually didn't see him."

Mike gave her an unbelievable look. "Where's the
camera?" He asked. She hadn't thought about the camera. She answered, "Well,
when I was walking back to my hotel, I kind of slipped and it fell into the
middle of the street. You can guess what happened after that."

The two friends looked at each other, but they just
took it. Jenna reminded, "Now, Mike, you have to be her butler."

His face went pale. "We didn't shake on it, so it
didn't count." He made up an excuse. Bridget just laughed. Honestly, she didn't
care. He wouldn't have made a good butler anyway. As they were walking, they
passed by the forest. Time seemed to slow down for her, as she remembered her
time in the forest. Something inside of her told her to go back in, and you
know what, she listened to it. She made a mental note: Tonight I go back
into the forest.
She nodded at her thought and kept walking with her
friends. She needed to know what happened, sure he could kill her but…actually
there is no bright side.



Bridget once again, snuck out of her hotel and went
to the forest. This time all she brought was a flashlight and some extra
batteries. She looked around just to make sure no one was around and started
climbing the fence. A homeless man shouted to her, "Oy! Do you have any spare
money on ya?"

She raised an eyebrow. "Uh, no I don't." She
answered. The man continued, "What about some spare pants? I've been wearing
these for few weeks."

She didn't answer him, she just took off running.
The homeless man sighed and went to sleep. After a few steps, she stopped
running. Then, she turned on her flashlight and started walking. She whispered,
"Okay, the first time I came here, I didn't officially see him until I got that
piece of paper. Maybe if I go back to where I went…if I could remember where I
went. Well, this was really, really stupid."

She kept on walking for a few seconds, minutes,
hours…she didn't even know. She came to a tunnel and started walking into it.
She groaned loudly and it echoed. It was kind of stupid for her to jump. A
quick swivel of her flashlight and she saw a piece of paper. For some odd
reason, she was excited. She grabbed it and on the paper was a picture of the
forest. The picture made her roll her eyes. That's so stupid. Who would draw
a bunch of trees? What does that even mean?
She thought. Bridget kept on
walking. A little bit of her hope was disappearing; luckily her determination
was still strong. After a few more steps, she found a weird rock formation. She
whispered, "That's weird."

She walked up to it and found another piece of
paper. She read aloud, "Don't look…or it takes you!"

She kind of started shaking. She collected two
sheets of paper and didn't even see him anywhere. For some odd reason, she
found herself turning around. She screamed when she saw him right behind her.
The jerk back from her screaming made her fall down to her butt. He got down to
her level. It seemed like he recognized her; he got right back up and started
backing away. She looked at him confusingly. She ranted, "Why are you afraid of
me!? If anything, I should be afraid of you! Why didn't you kill me?"

He started running away from her. She kind of made
growl/grunting noise. She picked up her flashlight, got up, and started chasing
him. But, right when she was at a clearing, he wasn't there. She shouted, "Come
out! I know you're here!"

He didn't show up. She sighed, "Fine! Then, I'll
just wait here."

She sat down and waited. He had to come out
sometime. I doubt anyone else stupid enough would come into this forest. She
kind of giggled, "I just realized I called myself stupid."

After a few minutes, she started feeling bored. Unfortunately,
the only thing really to do there is lie down. So, she decided lay down in the
grass and look at the stars. She only closed her eyes for a few seconds. She
opened them up and gasped. Slender Man was looking down at her, right up at her
face. She whispered, "Whoa! You need a tan, badly!"


This is Chapter 2 of Slender Gets Hope. I hope you all like it and not think this is a bunch of bull crap. I wonder what Slender Man is gonna do. What do you think? Please leave a comment.

Disclaimer: I don't own Slender. I only own Bridget, Jenna, Mike, and that weird homeless guy.
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